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In recent years the Deighton Dossier has been pleased to undertake a series of exclusive Q&A-style interviews with Len Deighton which you can read in this section of the website.

As media interviews have, over the last two decades or so, become something of a rarity for Len Deighton, so these interviews are a rare opportunity for readers to find out in more detail some of the stories behind his most popular books and films. Candid and honest in his responses to readers' questions, each interview will provide you with new insights and understanding.

Also hosted on this page are links to audio and TV interviews Len Deighton has done, which further inform and entertain.

If you want to read some of the fascinating stories which lie behind every book and film, then check out these detailed interviews.

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Over the last decade Len Deighton has been kind enough to do a series of Q&A-style interviews with the Deighton Dossier. Click on each of the boxes below to read them in full.

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    November 2011
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    March 2012
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    November 2012
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    January 2014
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    June 2015


Despite being an internationally renowned author and a celebrity - of sorts - much in demand by the media, Len Deighton has kept a relatively modest media profile, particularly so in the last two decades or so, when interviews with him have become very scarce.

Set out below are a selection of broadcast and print interview with Len Deighton. All copyrights are as attributed.

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    BBC4 - The Truth about Len Deighton
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    BBC1 - The Lively Arts
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    Thames TV - Afternoon Plus
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    Daily Telegraph - February 2009
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    The Times - 2006
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    King Magazine - 1964
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